About Me

Gregory Beacham
Founder of The Touch of Soul LLC

In 2007 I began my journey into wellness. It started when I changed my diet from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a strict plant-based one. The change came after I was presented with information about the effects of our food choices on not only our health but also the health of our planet. After months of changing the way I ate, I noticed I no longer needed my asthma medication when engaging in physical activities. From that point on the seed had been planted. I started reading the works of Dr. Sebi, Queen Afua, Dr. Tim Morrow, and many others. In doing that research I started to recognize illness in my family and even more outwardly to the community around me. While initially, I understood the problem to be access to quality food and education around healthy eating habits however, I soon found there were many other factors at play.


It wasn't until I continued my education at the Florida School of massage that I was able to start putting the pieces together. It was there where I started to understand holistic wellness and the other factors that play into our health. While studying touch seems like it would be strictly focused on the physical aspects of health, there was a lot of emotional and spiritual work that I had to do for myself just to put myself in the space to contact people and meet them where they were. Thanks to the continuing education requirement, I was able to spend the last 10 years going deeper into the world of wellness. In 2012 I became a certified Qigong instructor and recently became a certified 200hr registered yoga teacher. Each training providing me with more tools to be of service and to communicate various principles of wellness in an easy to understand solutions. 


I've learned that living a full, purpose-driven, and righteous life is essential to keeping your emotional and spiritual health in balance. It is with that in mind that I revisit the mission of The Touch of Soul that was founded on educating and empowering individuals and communities to take action and responsibility in managing their own wellness. Though the goal has been the same, the execution has evolved.  I've realized that the community reaches out beyond the individuals and small support systems. Helping businesses to reach their health and wellness service goals completes the shared goal of a healthier community. With my experience in the high-end luxury spas, wellness facilities, fitness studios, and corporate wellness, I have seen first-hand areas that need improvement. I am able to offer a whole suite of solutions helping them do their work more effectively through consulting services. We will continue to grow our team of wellness practitioners beyond bodyworkers- to also include nutritionists, personal trainers, private chefs, yoga teachers, birth workers, beauty and skin care professionals, and natural product manufacturers because community outreach is best accomplished with a team. I have gotten far in my wellness work from serving individuals, and while my purpose has expanded, I do not intend to lose my foundation. Through blogs, social media lives, and classes, I will continue to educate. Follow The Touch of Soul to get connected to my growing team and resources.


I'm looking forward to continuing to serve.

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