My Story

I grew up with two Southern parents, and though we moved as a military family, they kept strong roots in bringing us up with big southern meals, fried foods, and dishes with a ton of sugar. But they were also modern 80s/90s parents so I also had my fair share of pizza and fast foods. It was in college that I decided to change my relationship with food and healing and caring for myself. The life-changing journey continued as entered massage school and started my own wellness company. 

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My Approach

Across all modalities of wellness I practice I begin with an intake process because it is of utmost importance for me to hear you and grasp what you are saying very clearly. This line of communication is open and remains so for the duration of our work together. When I know what you want from our relationship I can serve you to the best of my ability. 

I work slowly and meticulously to help you reach your goals and overcome the obstacles that keep you from them. I will push you and encourage you to explore your limits and at the same time help you to remember to be gentle with yourself. 

I work to help you find the balance in your life to make sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Together we will find the healing mediums that work best for you so that you can make it a part of your daily life and pass on the practice of self care to those around you.