• Greg Beacham

Benefits of Touch

Modern technology has reshaped the world in a matter of decades and taking us further everyday! It is both inspiring and concerning at the same time. As we evolve we will shed habits and tendencies that don't serve us as our priorities adjust, and sometimes it is hard to see those things that should be preserved. In our hyper-connected society we are more connected than we've ever been and becoming more disconnected from each other everyday.


Awkward Much? Touch Depravation

Non-sexual physical contact is becoming something our society is increasingly uncomfortable with. For example, in most of the countries of the world personal space can be less than a foot or two, while Americans generally need 2 - 4 feet of space to feel comfortable. We have developed unique languages, cultures, and forms of emotional expression through touch. Now there is research that point to the health benefits of touch.


Physical Health

Physical contact can even improve the ability to engage in learning environments, work as a team, decrease violent behavior, and other benefits from lower blood pressure and stress.

"Stimulating touch receptors under the skin can lower blood pressure and decrease cortisol levels, effectively reducing stress." - Matthew Hertenstein, PhD, director of the Touch and Emotion Lab at DePauw University

Improved Emotional State

Warm handshakes, firm hugs, and even pats on the back are processed by the reward center of the central nervous system and have great effects on emotional states, helping us to feel joy, happiness, trust, and even relief.

Improved Spiritual State

While this isn't rooted in science or backed by any unbiased research, I believe that contact is absolutely necessary on a primal level.

In conclusion...

Hug more. Be Happy and Healthy!

Spread the love and share with friends and family.

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