• Greg Beacham

Five Natural Ways to Defeat Pain

Conventional medications prescribed by your doctor often play an important role in pain management solutions, however, it's worthwhile not to overlook the power of nature's medicines.

1.) Modify Your Diet.

Eating healthy is your best personal investment! Eating healthy means that most the time you make good and healthful food choices. Healthy eating is being flexible and allowing yourself to occasionally enjoy small amounts of comfort foods.

2.) Use Pain Supportive Herbs

There are many herbs with anti-inflammatory properties and a couple of our favorites are Ginger and Skullcap.

Ginger: Ginger essential oil (1-2 drops) in a spoonful of coconut and rub on the inflamed area.

Skullcap: Steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes and drink 3 times a day for a week,

Start slowly and allow yourself to notice any changes to determine dosage. Work with an herbal professional or your doctor for a personalized long term pain management plan using herbs in their various forms.

3.) Massage Therapy

The power of touch! A licensed massage therapist can work with you as part of your pain management team to provide comfort and reduction inflammation and swelling. It is becoming so popular many companies are incorporating massage therapy as a part of their wellness plans. Massage stations are popping up everywhere from airports and train stations, to break-rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms. Many massage therapy facilities accept payment from FLEX spending accounts!

4.) Meditation is a great way to bring stillness to the mind. In my experience working with pain, I've noticed mental and emotional stresses tend to be linked to physical pain. Taking time out of one's day to process information can be a vital part of your ability to manage stress, increase productivity, and manifest your success. Meditation doesn't always have to be sitting, chanting to the sounds of waterfalls and blue whales surrounded by crystals. It can be as simple as a walk in the park

5.) Get Active: Walking, Dancing, Sex, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Etc,. As the old phrase goes, "You don't use it, you lose it." Much of the stiffness we experience comes from the holding patterns we have programmed through our daily lives. Whether we are crouched at a desk, sitting behind a wheel, or on your feet all day our central nervous system works to make the load on our body easier. That means that alignment of the body will slowly shift to the position we find ourselves in most. It seems like a good thing, but to do that the muscle fibers begin to group together limiting circulation and that is one of the ways muscle knots are formed. All that being said, get out there and move, it's good for you.

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